Canadian personal tax returns

Tax compliance made simple

Personal tax preparation for individuals, provided remotely through secure tools online. Serving clients in a variety of industries and tax situations, including non-residents.

Other Canadian filings

Corporations, GST/HST, partnerships, trusts, and more

Helping you and your business meet all your tax filing requirements, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.


More than 10 years experience as a tax professional

I am a CPA, CA and have been in public practice since 2003, operating my own practice since 2008. Proudly participating in the IRS’s Annual Filing Season Program.

US personal tax returns

Catching up, and keeping up

US citizens, regardless of residence, must file returns annually with the IRS. I can help you catch up if you’re behind, and stay caught up.

Tax consulting

Quality tax advice

Working together with you to help optimize your tax position, and helping you report income accurately and identify available tax deductions and credits.


Support independent business

My practice is founded on a base of social and environmental awareness. Acting locally while serving clients globally.