How it works

The process of working with my over the internet is simple

  • Email me to confirm your interest in having your return(s) prepared.
  • Once we’ve connected, I’ll send you an engagement letter to agree to electronically, as well as login information to access my secure client Portal. Use of the portal ensures bank-level encryption of your personal information.
  • You can then upload scans (or digital photos) of slips and receipts for your return – if you prefer to send these via fax I can also provide you with a fax number.
  • If you have income or deductions that are not on slips (self-employment, rental, employee expenses, etc.) then a simple summary in Excel, Word, or even the body of an e-mail is fine – you are required to keep your receipts but I do not need all of them.
  • I will prepare the return, asking follow-up questions via e-mail.
  • Once your return is ready, I will upload it to Portal in PDF format.  The file will be ready either to be printed or E-Filed, depending on eligibility, along with complete instructions on where to send things.


  • If you receive receipts throughout the year (such as emailed donation receipts), you’re welcome to upload them when you receive them so everything’s ready for next year – this saves time at year-end!
  • Any questions you have related to your tax returns or your tax situation in general can be posed by e-mail and, as long as it’s not a major “project,” there will be no extra charge for my response. I’m happy to answer your questions throughout the year.


Fees vary depending on the amount of work required for your specific situation. Please enquire for a quote.

Generally, a Canadian personal tax return starts around $125, and a US personal tax return typically starts around $175. These fees will increase depending on the nature of your income (such as the inclusion of rental or business income), special deductions that you may claim, and the complexity of your return and related reporting.

Return preparation for a small corporation or partnership generally starts around $1,000 but could decrease or increase depending on the complexity of the entity’s activities.

All values are in CAD; please enquire for other currencies.