Environmental and social values are extremely important to me, and I do everything I can to reflect this in my business practices – from choosing a credit union over big banks, to paying close attention to the supplies I acquire for use in my business.

My business has been mostly paperless since day one, and having a completely online business has meant that clients can be paperless too. Transmitting and receiving information electronically prevents information that is already electronic from ever hitting paper. The minimal amount of paper I do use contains 100% post-consumer recycled content.

Of course, as I am a sole practitioner with no staff, I will never outsource the preparation of your return to overseas technicians.

My home (including my home office) is powered by clean power (wind and low-impact hydro) provided by Bullfrog Power. I use energy-efficient office equipment and make use of power bars and natural lighting to minimise the amount of electricity I use.

My supplies and equipment are sourced as ethically as possible, balancing the need to support local businesses, fair pay, and environmental impact. Furniture is acquired to maximise reuse (either second-hand or refurbished/salvaged products). Computer equipment and furniture are donated at end-of-life to reuse organisations.

Finally, having an online business means I can work with clients across the planet without having to leave my home. When I do have to travel for work, I walk, cycle, take public transit, carpool, or at worst (and only when there is no other option) rent a fuel-efficient car share vehicle. Working online also saves emissions and energy from clients who do not have to travel to me. For long-distance travel, which is required in my education consulting work, I take the train where possible and purchase carbon offsets for any necessary flights.